PTCS Client Agreement 

Effective date: January 5, 2022


1. Expectations of Client and Personal Touch Career Services (PTCS)


  • Client agrees to pay all fees associated with requested work and participate fully in the information-gathering process for creating career documents.
  • PTCS will not be responsible for missed deadlines if the client is late in providing information or does not approve of work in a timely manner at any stage of the process.
  • Client understands that completion of the questionnaire and interview is a requirement for services rendered. Submission of sample job postings are highly encouraged.
  • The client must review all career documents for accuracy (including errors and missing or incomplete content) and respond by email with any changes or corrections (or approval to finalize) within 30 days of receipt of the draft documents. Edits to LinkedIn profiles must be submitted within 5 days of receipt of the profile.
  • If changes are indicated, PTCS will provide up to two (2) additional drafts of the documents for client review and approval. Changes required must remain in the agreed scope of work, and if significant changes are required, such as a change in the focus of the documents, additional charges will apply.
  • If corrections or approval are not provided within the timeline specified, it is assumed the documents are acceptable, and the project will be finalized.
  • PTCS is not a recruitment agency and does not guarantee job placement.

 2. Job Search Responsibility

  • While PTCS strives to provide the best available tools, advice, and programs to land a job, we are not responsible for changing market conditions or the client’s diligence in their job search. Ultimate job searching success lies with the client and their willingness to implement their provided tools and resources.

3. Client Assurance of Accuracy of Information Provided

  • The client is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, including but not limited to employers, locations, dates of employment, titles, and educational degrees. PTCS will not be responsible for information obtained from the client that is inaccurate or incorrect. PTCS will not confirm nor attempt to verify information provided by the client.
  • PTCS is not responsible for errors on client originals or errors after proofreading and approval by the client.
  • PTCS is not liable for any injury or damage caused by client omissions, false statements, or other inaccuracies, and will not be responsible for any monetary compensation or attorney fees if a legal dispute arises. PTCS is not responsible for consequential damages of any kind that the client may incur from inaccurate documents, career coaching, or career counseling.
  • Client verifies that they own or otherwise control all rights to the content supplied to PTCS and that they are authorized to use the content supplied. PTCS is indemnified for all claims resulting from content supplied by the client.
  • All information provided by the client in either written or verbal form will be kept confidential.

4.   Timelines and Project Finalization

  • Delivery of the first draft for resumes and letters is five (5) business days following the completion of the personal interview AND the receipt of all documentation such as the questionnaire and sample job postings.
  • LinkedIn profiles shall be delivered within three (3) business days after the client has accepted the final draft of the resume and sent any necessary edits back to the writer.
  • Rush services are available for an additional fee and are dependent on the writer’s availability.
  • Client has 30 days following receipt of the first draft of the resume to submit necessary edits and refinements to the documents. Client will receive up to two (2) full rounds of editorial revisions.
  • All projects will be considered finalized after 30 days from the receipt of the first draft of the RESUME. If the client does not submit their changes prior to this deadline, any remaining rounds of revisions will be forfeit.
  • Any changes or revisions after the project is finalized are subject to additional editing charges at the reduced rate of $150/hour, billed in quarter-hour increments.
  • New or additional information provided after the work has started will generate additional fees for consultation and writing services at the rate of $150/hour. Should the client wish to retarget the resume for a different industry or job title, additional resumes may be purchased at a reduced rate and are not subject to the hourly editing fee. This offer is valid for six (6) months following the signing of the initial contract.

5.   Electronic Files

  • All final documents will be delivered in Microsoft Word. Final drafts for resumes will also be delivered in a PDF format.
  • PTCS does not guarantee that documents will retain all of their original formatting features on your individual equipment. Examples include formatting shifts when using online word processing programs such as Google Docs or converting documents to .Pages (Mac format).

6.   Project Expiration and Reactivation

  • Dormant projects are defined as any purchased project that does not get initiated due to the client’s delay within six (6) months from the original purchase date.
  • Dormant projects may be reinstated for a $35 fee, which is an administrative charge in recognition of PTCS’s ongoing communication and support.
  • All dormant and unfinished projects will expire after one (1) year from the original purchase, and funds are not available for refund.

7.   Refund Policy

  • Any and all refund requests must be submitted in writing.
  • The client may cancel this agreement by notifying PTCS in writing within three (3) business days of signing the agreement and receive a 100% refund of all funds, less any shipping fees.
  • Projects cancelled after three (3) business days but prior to conducting the personal interview with the writer will incur a 20% non-refundable administrative fee.
  • Projects cancelled after the interview but before the delivery of the first draft are subject to a 30% non-refundable fee.
  • Once the client receives the first draft of any document, a refund may be requested; however, a 50% non-refundable fee will be deducted from the total amount refunded. If the client is not satisfied with the direction of the overall resume, they may request that the subsequent remaining editorial revisions be completed by a senior member of PTCS instead of the refund.
  • Coaching packages may be cancelled at any time during the process, less the 20% administrative fee. Any completed coaching sessions will be deducted from the refund at the rate of $299/hour.
  • Editing fees are non-refundable. Rush fees are non-refundable.
  • While PTCS makes no guarantee on landing interviews, should you not be gaining the results that you were hoping for within three (3) months of the completion of your project, we will conduct a 30-minute coaching session OR one (1) resume revision. The coaching or edit will be completed by a senior member of PTCS.

8.   Testimonials

  • Customer testimonials provided are from real clients and are provided to illustrate the results former clients have achieved but do not promise that any client will achieve the same results.

9.   Work for Hire

  • All custom work performed for the client is recognized as “Work for Hire” under international copyright law and is not subject to future royalty payments to or authorizations for use from the Personal Touch Career Services nor any of its agents or writers. Examples of these works include resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile content, and biographies.
  • Original documents, forms, questionnaires, and coaching materials are the exclusive property of the Personal Touch Career Services and may not be used or duplicated without permission.

10.   Additional Information

  • VENUE: The law of the City of Arvada, Jefferson County, and the State of Colorado will govern this interpretation, validity, and effect of this contract, without regard to the place of making or the place of performance.
  • VALIDITY: In the event that any provision of the Agreement shall be held invalid, the same shall not affect in any respect whatsoever the validity of the remainder of this Agreement.

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