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Since 2004, the Personal Touch Career Services has worked with over 3,000 professionals throughout the US. Our online classes have taught over 7,000 job seekers how to implement effective, real-world strategies and master their job search. All told, we have over 18 years of working directly with job seekers, helping them overcome their employment challenges and land jobs that they love.

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Our mission is you.

At PTCS, we help people land jobs they love in half the time while earning up to 20% more in salary.

We focus on the practical tools that make an immediate and long-lasting effect on your career, from resumes to strategy development.  Our career coaching style is grounded in a tactical approach, covering topics such as dealing with the HR department, tracking down hiring managers, implementing structured networking, and acing the interviews.

Why is it so hard to find a job?

Chances are, you have asked this very question. It seems like everyone around you is finding great positions, but your efforts just keep falling flat. Plagued with constant rejections from HR, ignored LinkedIn invitations to hiring managers, and a silent network, far too many well-qualified candidates struggle to land their next job.

Fortunately, there is hope.

Are you:

  • Tired of being rejected by HR because your resume lacked the right keywords?
  • Stumped on how to drive recruiters to your LinkedIn profile?
  • Frustrated with scouring the job boards day-in and day-out?
  • Unsure of how to expand your network to find more opportunities?
  • Mystified on how to reach hiring managers and key decision-makers?
  • Discouraged by not converting interviews into job offers?
  • Missing out on additional salary because no one ever taught you how to negotiate?

We can help you overcome all these challenges PLUS ones you didn’t even know existed.

5 star review

Audrey M.

It has been 10 years since my last serious job search, and I was struggling to get my resume and applications past the ATS. I purchased the resume + LinkedIn package and a cover letter. Since I started using my new resume and cover letter, I have landed interviews at 5 different institutions. 

Pedro Henrique

I had a great time through this course. Donna makes her explanations so clear and with enthusiasm that makes you feel self-confident to deal with LinkedIn. This course is totally worthwhile, either if you're new at LinkedIn or have some experience and want to improve your profile.

Nanci B.

I took part in Donna's Comprehensive Coaching Package, and I was very happy I did. I got insight into job searching that I was completely unaware of, not to mention a great new resume and LinkedIn profile. Plus, the support to keep me on track and tactics to do so once our sessions were completed. I highly recommend Donna and Personal Touch. 

The Personal Touch: It's more than just a name. 

Check out what makes us different

Writing Services

Unlike some resume writing services, we devote a lot of time getting to know our clients. We conduct a fresh keyword analysis for every project. Our LinkedIn profiles consistently attract recruiters and streamline the application process. Finally, our flexible cover letters are easy to customize for different jobs. Our experienced staff writers are based in the USA. Yep, we actually know each and every one!

Coaching Services

Members of our Down & Dirty Job Search consistently earn 20% more salary while cutting their job search time in half. Don’t need a full program? Our Interview Coaching and hourly coaching options are perfect for targeting and overcoming your specific issues. Our founder, Donna Shannon, is an award-winning career coach and job search expert. She mentors all our coaches, guaranteeing you a seamless experience.

Classes and Books

Beyond “just” getting a resume, we offer two online courses: “LinkedIn Secrets for Job Seekers” and “Ace the Interview Without Going Crazy.” After all, a beautiful profile won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it! These video-based classes are fun and informative. In addition, Donna’s book, “Get a Job Without Going Crazy,” dives deep into job searching strategies, from surviving HR to mastering your interviews.

How does your job search stack up?

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The Sane Job Search eBook

Get your free copy of Donna Shannon's top tips when you subscribe to our newsletter

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