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Donna Shannon, MCD, NCOPE

President, Career Coach, Speaker, Author, and Lead Visionary


In today's market, landing a fantastic job is no laughing matter. With 20 years of experience as a career coach and job-searching expert, our founder, Donna Shannon, knows that truth like no other. In fact, Donna draws on their Human Resources and Recruiting background to develop job-searching strategies based on real-world hiring practices. Their driving vision is to provide the best guidance possible for job seekers to help them realize their dreams.

Holding a unique career path, Donna believes in following their passions. Their professional experience spans multiple industries, including broadcasting, renewable energy, and even an occupational school for private estate management. They obtained their first degree in Music Business Management and Audio Engineering from the Art Institute of Colorado. In 2012, they completed their second degree in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from Regis University.

Donna holds a Master Career Director (MCD) certification from Career Directors International and is a Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE.)

 On the side, they tell very crude jokes as a stand-up comedian, including their comedy podcast, “Donna Shannon’s Coyote Tales” on all podcast platforms. You can find all of their links at LINKTREE:

Dia Kline

Staff Writer, Career Coach, and Business Development Manager


Long before joining the Personal Touch Career Services in early 2020, Dia Kline made a name for herself as a competitive public speaker, speaking coach, actor, writer, voiceover artist, and comedian. Over the years, she has won multiple awards for speaking through Toastmasters, where she also helped others overcome their anxieties and speak more fluently, whether from the stage or in a job interview. As a congenital anosmic, she produces entertaining and educational videos about living in a world that doesn’t stink. Under Donna Shannon’s continued mentorship, Dia is fully versed in all of the PTCS’ job searching strategies, working with clients one-on-one and in group coaching sessions to help them land those jobs they love. It fits perfectly with Dia’s motto that she never met a system she couldn’t hack or a rule she can’t break. Originally from Santa Fe, NM, Dia left as fast as she could and relocated to the Boulder, CO. Dia holds a bachelor’s from CU Boulder in Art History/Italian Minor, although it hasn’t helped gain her meaningful employment; however, she can keep an interesting conversation.

Jasmine Giffen

Administrative Assistant and Marketing Coordinator

Jasmine Giffen comes from a unique background as a professional body piercer with ten years of experience at various shops in the Denver metro area. Jasmine has managed the social media marketing and branding efforts for their own business throughout their career. At PTCS, Jasmine helps with marketing content, social media campaigns, customer service, and administrative functions. Jasmine enjoys working in many art mediums in their free time, including film photography, charcoal, and textile arts. In addition, Jasmine loves to read (high fantasy, horror, and poetry), partake in all things hockey, and collects cool rocks and oddities.

Beth Sager

Staff Writer and Lead Editor

A self-proclaimed “grammar nerd,” Beth Sager joined the Personal Touch team in 2014. Previously, she established her resume and professional writing service in 2011. Over the years, she has gener­ated resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and sup­porting documents for every industry and experience level, from the C-suite to entry-level candidates. Her editing work goes beyond just resumes to help people with academic, professional, and techni­cal writing projects. Beth holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelors in Music Education. Outside of writing, Beth is a dedicated feline foster mom specializing in special needs cats, whether they need medical care or socialization. When not petting cats or writing, Beth can be found conquering any of Colorado’s ‘14ers’ as an avid climber.

Becky Parr

Staff Writer

Becky is the new kid, hired in August 2022; however, she’s been writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn summaries for clients of outplacement and relocation firms since 2004. Her resume writing experience ranges from creating a high school student’s first resume to detailing an executive’s 40-year career for a Board of Directors search. In terms of industries – you name it, she’s seen it – but some of her favorites include healthcare, education, nonprofit, social services, logistics/supply chain, human resources, and sales. Her expertise also includes academic CVs and CVs customized to various countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Born in Texas, Becky fled the 100+-degree heat in 2021 to take up residence outside of Denver, along with the J-cats (2 rescues, Jax and Jaylah) and the world’s most spoiled rescue dog, Simon. She loves to cook, read, and cross-stitch, and has ambitions of becoming a regular hiker in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Tessa Barlow, NCOPE

Staff Writer

A member of a resume-writing family, it's no wonder that Tessa Barlow also "fell into the business." As a willing and eager learner, Tessa graduated from the Writing Excellence program offered through the National Resume Writers' Association (NRWA). Under this rigorous program, Tessa gained extensive knowledge in the art of resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters.

 An active member of the NRWA, Tessa served on several committees before being elected to the NRWA Board of Directors as a Director of Member Support (DOMS). She serves on the front lines, advocating for the value of the resume-writing profession by providing members with responses to inquiries, promoting career resources, and supporting future-focused initiatives. Prior to joining the Personal Touch Career Services, Tessa worked closely with job seekers on Indeed, offering them professional guidance on improving their resumes to land more interviews and job offers.

A Texas native and California transplant, Tessa lives in South Dakota with her husband and two children. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her large extended family.

Latricia Friend, MBA, CHM

Staff Writer and Coach

Joining the team in 2012, Latricia is one of the very first writers hired by PTCS. However, she first met Donna Shannon while gaining her Certificate in Household Management (CHM) through the Starkey International Institute in Denver, CO. In fact, Donna placed Latricia in her first household management role in 2007. Since then, Latricia has built a solid reputation not only for her fractional household management business in New York but also as a guiding voice on the nature of the industry. In 2017, Latricia received the Private Service Professional of the Year from the Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA). In addition, Latricia has presented at national conferences and hosts the 5-Star Service Club on Clubhouse. When not spreading the word on improving the industry, Latricia is a foodie who loves to travel and experience new things – and maybe even a dance, if you ask her nicely.

Felix D. Katz

Director of Finance


Felix joined the team in April 2022. After graduating from FU (Feline University), Mr. Katz began his career as an intern at Enron, where he learned Creative Corporate Finance and CAAT (Commonly Accepted Accounting Theories). Before leaving the company, Felix spearheaded the shredding program.

 In addition to overseeing the Finance Department at PTCS, Mr. Katz leads our DEI initiatives, especially in inclusion for disabled persons. As someone with only 2.5 legs himself, he clarifies how we can all add reasonable accommodations to enhance our entire workforce. Many find Felix as a source of inspiration, as he lets nothing stand in the way of his success while he claws his way up the corporate ladder.

Georgie Shannon

Director of Customer Relations

Georgie joined the team on April 20, 2021. Having struggled with finding a job on the mean streets of Nebraska, Georgie knows how job seekers feel to not have a leg to stand on (especially since he only has three legs.) As such, he is always willing to bend an ear to listen to our customers’ concerns and loves engaging in lively conversations with people no matter what time of the day or night. In addition, Georgie possesses a natural talent for sensing when folks need to yowl, whether to blow off steam after a hard day or to celebrate some good mews.


five star rating

Casey W.

Dia was very receptive and compassionate when it came to my particular needs. I felt heard and that truly showed when I received my finished product.

five star rating

Judy D.

Very down-to-earth and relatable! Everyone was helpful and available for advice, questions, and the class was very illuminating.

five star rating

Chris D.

Donna Shannon has been my coach since 2018. In that time, I got three promotions and doubled my salary. We are working on my next promotion now which should triple it!

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