Tattooed Freaks in Business Suits

Tattooed Freaks in Business Suits

Hosted by: Donna Shannon

The world of work in the US is changing, especially as Gen X, Millenialls and those to come after us seek positions of leadership that still allow them to be themselves. Join us as we explore modern business, changing...

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Possibly Illegal Hiring Practices

Patricia McMahon of the EEOC answers the burning questions that keep job seekers up at night. Sometimes it feels like employers can be acting shady during the hiring process. After all, what are they really doing with...
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What employers really want

Special guest Dia Kline joins us to discuss what employers want, what "quiet quitting" really is, the 20/70/10 rule, and the generational communication styles.
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5 Secrets to effective salary negotiations

Have you ever negotiated your salary? If not, you should! Check out Donna Shannon's five secrets to effective salary negotiations. Plus Donna finally earns her covid tattoo!
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Is your job search stuck?

Does your job search feel like it’s stuck in quicksand? Learn the four tricks to stop struggling and gain real traction. Plus, find out the top key metrics to see if your job search is a success or an exercise in...
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Reboot! All things can change - can you?

Yep, it’s a reboot! I will give you some tips on finding your purpose while giving you deeper insight into my background.
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Conversations That Matter

Episode #50

Let’s face it: no one enjoys having “difficult conversations.” The underperforming employee, the challenging customer, or the overbearing boss can all cause communication barriers. However, there are tricks to learn...
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The Enneagram Empowerment Principle

Episode #49

What’s your type? No, I’m not talking about dating, I’m talking about your personality! As one of the most common and insightful personality tests, the Enneagram helps people understand themselves and others through...
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Are You Hiding Your Brilliance?

Episode #48

As a business leader, are you hiding your magic? According to Michelle McGlade’s research, two out of every three high performing women report that they are hiding their brilliance. While most leaders are great at...
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Breaking into the Nonprofit Sector

Episode #47

If you are a service-oriented person, finding a job at a nonprofit organization can be the perfect way to earn a living while giving back to your community. However, finding the right nonprofit that fits your own...
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Managing a Creative Career

Episode #46

How does it feel to build a career based on your passions? For many creatives in the media, entertainment, and arts it requires personal drive, hustle, and – of course – talent! Today’s guest Dia Kline blends a mix of...
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Clarify Your Career

Episode #45

Do you feel unfulfilled and stuck at your current job? Have you spent hours researching and analyzing career options, only to end up at square one? Certified Career Coach and author Danielle Menditch Roessele shares...
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Overcoming Emotional Eating

Episode #44

If you are like almost everyone in the United States, you may have engaged in some emotional eating over the past year. However, the issue could be more prevalent than just raiding the kitchen while you are bored....
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