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Celebrating 20 years of service

Jan 31, 2024

Today marks 20 years in the career coaching space!


Back in 2004, my entry into the career coaching world was pretty modest. I created a 3-hour workshop for job seekers to teach them proper job-hunting skills based on my experience in HR and recruitment.


Honestly, I was tired of having to cut qualified applicants who just didn't understand how the process worked.


Some of the lessons within that class were definitely rudimentary – would you believe that I spent 15 minutes explaining how to properly fax your resume? 🤣


Over the past two decades, I have expanded our service offerings a LOT, resulting in us being able to assist thousands of job seekers with all the practical tools for their job search.


Here are some of our stats for the past 20 years:

💯Certified Master Career Director (MCD)

✔️ Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE)

🚀 Served 3,876 clients.

👥Taught 8,276 virtual students.

🗣 Regular speaker at national conferences since 2011.

❤️ Organizer of the Brown Bag Job Search Group on Meetup since 2009, with well over 1,200 members. We provide virtual meetings every month:


📘 I've published two books with a third due for release this year – look out for the Down & Dirty Job Search Workbook coming this spring!

Created THREE online courses:
✅ Ace the Interview Without Going Crazy
✅ LinkedIn Secrets for Job Seekers
✅ Down & Dirty Job Search course


I'm especially proud of the Down & Dirty Job Search, which launched last week. It really is my magnum opus and represents a culmination of my 20 years of experience. Check it out:


Here's to another great year!

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