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5 Facts and Quirks about Donna Shannon

about us Dec 20, 2023
Donna Shannon is funny

While most people aren’t thrilled about their birthday as the years tick by, Donna’s plight as a December birthday goes beyond the norm. After all, who has time to celebrate a birthday right before Christmas? Well, Donna, we do!

 To celebrate our fearless leader, check out these five facts and quirks that make Donna such a great coach and definitely a unique individual.


Donna’s Favorite Markets and Why

Throughout their 20-year career as a job search expert, resume writer, and career coach, Donna has helped professionals in every industry under the sun land dream jobs. However, some fields are dear to their heart.


1.    Human Resources: Navigating the People Landscape

For over eight years, Donna held roles in HR and recruiting. In fact, all our job-searching strategies and resume techniques incorporate their in-depth knowledge of the field. As a true “HR nerd,” Donna continues to stay on top of developments in the industry through their involvement with Mile High SHRM, the local chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM.) Yes, even HR folks need help navigating the employment landscape!


2.    Private Service and Luxury Lifestyle Management

Donna is one of the few resume writers and career coaches in the world that understands the private service industry. In 2004, they joined the Starkey International Institute for Household Management in the placement office, becoming an integral part of helping their graduates land jobs with high-net-worth households across the United States. In 2014, Donna earned the Private Service Educator of the Year from DEMA based on their work with coaching job seekers in this most hidden of niche industries.


3.    Engineers, IT, and Left-Brain People

Donna loves helping left-brained people communicate better, whether it is on their resume, in an interview, or during their networking efforts. Interestingly enough, Donna’s dad holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Thermodynamics; so they have been interpreting “engineer speak” their whole life. In fact, you have even seen their dad’s work. As leader of the NASA team that worked on designing the space suits for the Apollo missions, that is literally Dr. Bob’s footprint on the moon’s surface (well, his boot print, anyway.)


4.    Media, Entertainment, and Broadcasting

Armed with a degree in Music Business Management and Audio Engineering from the Art Institute of Colorado, served eight years in radio and TV, holding roles from an FM Morning Show Producer to Human Resources. Today, they continue to support professionals in the unique field, with clients ranging from executives at Disney and Twitch to creatives who worked on some of your favorite movies and shows.


5.    Those Seeking to Break a Glass Ceiling

We all love helping our clients break through their internal or external barriers to reach the next level in their careers. Donna especially loves working with non-traditional career paths in a vast array of industries. Whether our clients need to advance in their current company or find one that better aligns with their personal values, Donna has consistently helped people move into leadership roles that embrace their unique talents.



Five Fun Facts

  • Donna is scared of worms. Gummy worms are the exception.
  • As one of the “tattooed freaks,” Donna is heavily inked, with nine large pieces. But body piercing? Not so much – they are scared of those big needles. Weirdo.
  • Donna once wrote a screenplay for the Hellraiser franchise, although it didn’t get picked up. It does relate to resume writing, as some of the resumes we see are definitely a horror show.
  • Donna married their husband Ryan on Halloween, including a Star Wars-themed wedding. Every year, they celebrate their anniversary the same way: Scaring the neighborhood children.
  • If money were no object, they would live in San Francisco – but only if they could do it in style!


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