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Staff Spotlight: 5 Quirks and Facts about Dia Kline

about us Jan 16, 2024
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We're thrilled to share five fascinating insights into the world of Dia Kline, a powerhouse in resume writing and job search coaching. From her background in the entertainment industry to her unique quirks, Dia brings a refreshing and entertaining approach to career transformation.


Dia's Favorite Markets and Why

  1.  Coaching for Professionals of All Levels

Having transitioned from the comedy stage under the mentorship of Donna Shannon, Dia has emerged as a top-tier expert in resume writing and job search coaching. Her multiple accolades as a speaker, actor, writer, voiceover artist, and comedian equip her with a distinctive skill set. Dia's coaching style is not just informative but entertaining, helping professionals secure job interviews and lucrative offers aligned with their passions.


  1. Expertise in the Entertainment Industry

With over a decade in the entertainment business, Dia comprehends the intricacies of this unique market. Her ability to transform extensive artistic resumes into focused documents that highlight skills and experiences sets her apart. Whether forging a new career path or advancing an existing one, Dia's expertise is invaluable.


  1. Private Service and Luxury Lifestyle Management

Trained under Donna Shannon, Dia is a sought-after writer in the specialized private service industry. She seamlessly blends her experiences with the needs of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, executives, and philanthropists, elevating her clients and shaping their reputations.


Five Fun Facts About Dia:


Congenital Anosmic: Yes, Dia was born without a sense of smell! She creates educational and entertaining videos about her anosmia on her YouTube channel: Check it out here!

Colorado Lottery Star: Dia starred in a commercial for the Colorado Lottery: Watch it here

City Different Roots: Dia grew up in Santa Fe, NM, but doesn't find it enchanting – different, yes, enchanting, not so much.

Name Like the Airport: It's Dia, like the airport… DIA!

Bucket List Dreams: Dia's #1 bucket list item? To get arrested in Florence, Italy – art and nudity involved. No questions, please!


Ready to Embrace Your Quirks?


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Here's to unlocking the extraordinary with Dia Kline!

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