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The Entrepreneur Job Description

best practices business practices Jan 03, 2022
Entrepreneur Job Description

Defining your job is likely not a priority on your "To Do" list as an entrepreneur. You're too busy doing the work of at least a dozen people and dealing with all the clients, vendors, marketing, social media, and more to take the time to define what exactly it is you do.

Entrepreneurs tend to work "on instinct" to get the job done but this "Get it done" attitude can sometimes overlook key functions that impact the business operations. If only entrepreneurs had a job description to help them define and outline exactly what they do!

Many entrepreneurs may be quick to exclaim, "I do everything!" Well, that is not an effective management tool. For a job description to work, it needs to clearly state the areas of responsibility and how they shall be performed.

Starting Close to Home

Some time ago, I created the job description for my role as the President of the Personal Touch Career Services. As a company, we provide practical tools for the job search, including resumes, LinkedIn profiles, interview coaching, and strategy development. In addition, as a professional speaker, I teach a variety of topics, including "LinkedIn Secrets for Job Seekers" and "Ace the Interview Without Going Crazy."

When I was a solopreneur, the job was relatively simple. However, we have six staff members now and are one of the top-rated services in the Denver metro area on Google. So just "winging it" when managing my performance won't cut it.

 To create my job description, I set up the main functional areas of the business. I then drilled down into each category to identify specific, actionable items that I could use to judge my performance:

The Entrepreneur Job Description


  • Hold P&L responsibility
  • Establish and evaluate performance to short-term and long-term business plans
  • Manage vendors and contractors
  • Negotiate competitive contracts with suppliers, contractors, and service providers
  • Oversee quality control/quality assurance on all work performed
  • Perform business valuations and reviews monthly financial reports
  • Manage employees and conduct regular training and professional development
  • Consult with professionals and specialists for legal, financial planning, and tax planning purposes


  • Set sales quotas and goals for the month
  • Perform inbound/ outbound sales calls
  • Attend regular networking functions
  • Conduct consultative sales presentations and meetings with potential B2C and B2B clients
  • Prepare and send quotes for services
  • Follow up on previous sales calls
  • Build strategic alliances with related businesses
  • Gain referrals/ recommendations from past clients
  • Update CRM system
  • Evaluate sales monthly to identify trends, maximize marketing, and increase close rates


  • Create strategic and actionable marketing plans
  • Foster social media relationships to expand brand influence
  • Develop monthly editorial calendars for content creation and distribution
  • Develop, place, and manage advertising campaigns
  • Manage social media campaigns
  • Write blogs and white papers
  • Create, update, and refine WordPress website creation
  • Brand development and collateral (logos, company colors/ themes)
  • Produce and promote special events
  • Create and distribute monthly email newsletters
  • Create marketing materials (flyers, presentations)
  • Oversee reputation marketing
  • Secure and perform local/regional/national speaking engagements
  • Produce and edit video content, ranging from 1-5-minute promotional videos to 60-minute speeches
  • Manage podcast, "Tattooed Freaks in Business Suits:" find guests, select topics, write content, record episodes, edit content, post online in various formats, and promote


  • Process Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable and billing
  • Conduct payment collection and monitor automatic deposits
  • Perform monthly bank and account reconciliations
  • Prepare and review monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports
  • Sales tax collection, reporting, filling, and payments
  • Perform monthly/ periodic financial close
  • Prepare annual budgets
  • Work with accountants to produce annual tax returns


  • Process payroll
  • File monthly/periodic tax forms and payments
  • Manage workman's comp
  • Develop job descriptions for new and existing staff
  • Recruit staff and contractors while utilizing fair hiring practices
  • Negotiate salary and compensation packages while analyzing competitive wages
  • Conducts staff performance evaluations
  • Benefits administration
  • 401(k)/IRA administration


  • Ensure proper operation of all equipment, internet connections, routers, and on-location IT operations
  • Source IT support and repair services
  • Research and procure new equipment
  • Perform data back-up on cloud and external hard drives
  • File and retain warranty information


  • Maintain contact with customers before, during, and after services
  • Send and review customer surveys
  • Handle escalating customer issues


  • Calendar management
  • Perform data entry
  • Sort inbound/ outbound mail
  • Create and manage email lists
  • Produce class materials
  • Follow up on contacts made through networking efforts
  • Order and manage office supplies


As if all those responsibilities weren't enough, I need to keep track of the actual work for my business:

  • All the same duties as Resume Writers/Career Coaches
  • Teach classes and develop new, additional workshops and presentation
  • Coach clients on job searching tactics, interview skills, networking, dealing with HR, career motivation, career planning, and professional development
  • Write new blogs and books; oversee book publishing

What it all means

Job descriptions are important for another reason: Determining when you need help. As a former HR/Recruiter myself, I know that when any department is struggling, it's crucial to evaluate the current job descriptions to the actual work being performed – or missed, for that matter.

After creating my Entrepreneur Job Description, I determined that hiring a part-time staff person to help with the mundane operations was more cost-effective, allowing me to concentrate on the revenue-generating functions.  Plus, I get to focus more time on doing what I love: Helping job seekers. After all, that is why I got into business for myself in the first place.


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