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Whiskers and Wonders: A Furry Encounter with PTCS' Exceptional Staff

about us Nov 15, 2023
two cats Georgie and Felix

In the corporate jungle, it's not uncommon to cross paths with extraordinary individuals who are as unique as cats themselves. At Personal Touch Career Services (PTCS), our team boasts a pair of standout characters that are bound to make your experience truly unforgettable. Meet Georgie Shannon and Felix D. Katz, two remarkable personalities who are not just passionate about their roles, but they're also purrfectly paw-some!


Georgie Shannon: Director of Customer Relations


Georgie Shannon is the Director of Customer Relations at PTCS, and he brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "customer service with a purr." Having joined our squad on April 20, 2021, Georgie is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of job seekers who've had their fair share of alleyway scrapes. Hailing from the tough streets of Nebraska, he knows all too well what it's like not to have a leg to stand on.


Georgie is more than a cat with a job; he's a feline friend who goes the extra mile for our clients. He has an ear for listening and is always up for a late-night chat, whether it's dusk or dawn. Georgie embodies the spirit of PTCS, ensuring every customer feels cherished and understood.


But there's more to Georgie than meets the eye. He possesses an almost mystical talent for sensing when people need to yowl - whether venting after a tough day or celebrating some good mews. His boundless enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to our clients make him an invaluable part of our PTCS family. Georgie is always ready to lend a helping paw, an empathetic ear, or simply share a purr-fectly delightful conversation.


Felix D. Katz: Director of Finance


Then there's Felix D. Katz, our Director of Finance, a feline finance wizard who's here to show you that even the most mundane tasks can have a dash of feline magic. Joining our team in April 2022, Felix's journey is a testament to his determination and charisma. After graduating from FU (Feline University), Mr. Katz embarked on a wild adventure as an intern at Enron, where he learned the art of Creative Corporate Finance and CAAT (Commonly Accepted Accounting Theories). Felix even took the lead in a shredding program, proving that even the simplest tasks can hold a purr-pose.


But Felix's role at PTCS goes beyond mere numbers. In addition to spearheading our Finance Department, Mr. Katz is a trailblazer in our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives, with a special focus on making our workplace more inclusive for disabled individuals. With only 2.5 legs himself, Felix knows the value of overcoming challenges and purr-severance. He demonstrates that with determination and the right accommodations, we can all enhance our workforce's collective purr-formance.


Felix Katz stands as a beacon of inspiration for our team, proving that with hard work, determination, and a purr-sistence to succeed, one can ascend the corporate ladder, no matter how many legs one may have. He is a living embodiment of PTCS's core values and a true trailblazer in our midst.


PTCS is fortunate to have such exceptional staff members as Georgie Shannon and Felix D. Katz. Their dedication to our clients and unwavering commitment to our organization's values make them the true stars of our show. Whether offering a compassionate ear or leading the charge for inclusivity and diversity, these two feline marvels transform PTCS into a more vibrant, welcoming, and successful haven for all. If you're lucky enough to cross paths with them, you'll quickly discover that they're not just the cat's meow; they're the purr-fect symphony that makes PTCS a truly unforgettable adventure.

 - Contributed by Tessa Barlow

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