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Is your career coach a one-night-stand?

job hunting job search job search advice resume writing Jun 26, 2023
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It’s true: Job searching can be an intimidating process. That is exactly why so many professionals turn to expert career coaches and resume writers to give them a competitive edge.

Along those lines, different services use various methods to help you reach your goals. Some of these are designed to meet a specific need. Others are designed to help you overcome a short-term challenge. Finally, some job seekers like to build long-term relationships, knowing they can come back to their coach over and over, even if it is years later.

What is right for you?


The One-Night Stand

This might sound rude, but sometimes you need a simple, cut-and-dry service to reach your goals. For example, hiring a writer for a new resume, LinkedIn profile, or cover letter usually does not require a long-term commitment. Similarly, if you have a solid resume that needs some editing or adding a new job, a one-night stand might “do it” for you.

 Of course, most writers worth their salt will need more than 24 hours to craft a solid resume and LinkedIn profile. But the one-night stand philosophy is the same: Let’s get together, spend some intimate time to get to know you, and then crank out those essential documents.

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The Summer Fling

A summer fling commits some serious time to you and your project, but you may only need them a few times in your career. Summer flings usually help with very specific issues, such as interview coaching or salary negotiations.

There is nothing wrong with the summer fling. Many a summer fling can be a life-changing, positive experience! The same is true for a coach or writer who is with you for a season, helping you break through to the next level of your career.

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The Long-Term Commitment

A top-level career coach is your partner in not just your job search but also in planning and realizing your overall career goals. While they offer many of the same services as the summer fling, their commitment to you and your success runs deeper.

Not only do they write your professional resume and LinkedIn profile, but they also train you in how to use them. They help with interview coaching, including recognizing the tell-tale signs of bad employers. They may even offer exercises to help you define your goals, both for the next job and your career five or ten years down the road.

These career coaches are highly experienced and well-trained. They constantly watch for developments in the employment market to guide their clients on the latest strategies and hiring trends.

Most coaches offer multi-session programs to help clients transform and reach their goals. As proven experts in job searching and career management, many clients work with their coach even after landing their next position to ensure they start strong in their new role.

If you have devoted 5 to 15 years or more to your career and are hitting a roadblock in reaching the next level, a long-term commitment coach can help you break through the proverbial glass ceiling. From the executive suite to individual producers, using a career expert is a game-changer, especially in competitive employment markets.

Long-term coaches are especially helpful to people transitioning to a new industry or a completely different job. In that case, a long-term career coach will develop strategies specific to your situation, greatly reducing the overall time of your job search while building a solid network in your new field.

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Will They Remember You Tomorrow?

One thing about the summer fling and the long-term commitment coaches and resume writers is their ongoing relationships with their clients. For my company, Personal Touch Career Services, we constantly have old clients return for updates or additional coaching – some of them are from 10 years ago or more!

This is the real advantage of building relationships with your career coaches and resume writers. After all, a one-night stand might be okay, but nothing is better than working with someone who knows you intimately.


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