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private service recruitment Jun 27, 2023

Are you wondering who are the best agencies in the private service industry? Looking for detailed information about the types of roles they place, their requirements, and preferred contact methods? Our Private Service Agency Guidebook answers all these questions – and more!


Completely updated for 2023, we compiled information on over 35 top agencies in the US and Canada. All these firms have a solid reputation in the industry, which they built over their years and even decades in the luxury staffing industry.


More than just a list of contact information, readers can dive deep into details for each company, including their desired candidates, qualifications, and contact information.


But wait – there’s more!

In addition to the agency information, career coach Donna Shannon provides helpful insight into the industry and landing a job in this elusive market.

Learn such crucial tips as:

  • How to make the right impression.
  • Ethics in the job search.
  • How agencies work.


Finally, the Guidebook provides some resources for professional education in this specialized market, including intensive certification programs, focused live workshops, and online professional development. Looking to connect with others in the industry? The Guidebook lists some of the industry-specific associations to build your network.


Guidance beyond the Guidebook for our clients

In addition to our Private Service Agency Guidebook, our clients receive an exclusive list of over 50 agency contacts. Yes, these are people that we actually know in the industry! As such, mentioning our name has been known the open doors for key positions with recruiters across the US and Canada.


Did you get the Morgan Stanley Salary Report?

If you still haven’t grabbed your copy of the “Estate and Household Staff Compensation Report,” check out our article:


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