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AI Job Application Tools: Say hello to my little friend

applications job hunting job search job search advice Oct 11, 2023
nerf machine gun firing off applications

If you are a fan of the “spray and pray” method of applying for jobs, several AI tools have emerged to make the process both fast and easy. However, beware of the dangers, both overt and hidden.


What is the “Spray and Pray” method?

Simply put, the “spray and pray” method consists of cranking out as many job applications as possible to generate interviews. It’s like firing a machine gun into the woods and hoping some deer will wander by. Another analogy is “throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks” (or other choice substances – you know what I mean.)

If you are lucky, the high-volume approach may produce one interview per every 50+ applications. By comparison, our clients typically land two to three interviews per every 10 applications.



Well, not if you are looking for a good job, that is. We believe it is better to selectively apply to only 5 to 10 jobs per week, then leverage your network or conduct direct outreach to build real relationships with people in your target companies.


Who would do a “spray and pray” job search?

Spraying out applications typically makes sense for entry to mid-level roles or ones with high turnover. For example, customer service, commission sales, call centers, and assistants. Many of these are high turnover jobs, so the companies are not as strict with their computerized screening (aka the applicant tracking system, or the ATS.)

If you just need a job and you don’t really care where you work, slamming out applications might work for you.


The smarter solution

Nobody enjoys taking up to 45 minutes to fill out an application. Therefore, some automation can help, especially if it consistently works with common ATS systems like Workday or Taleo. Bottom line: AI applications will streamline the most manual aspect of the job search – but don’t let it run without your supervision.

AI tools for applications:

Following are five different AI apps and tools that can automate your application process, along with some pros and cons. Just remember: nothing outweighs making human connections in addition to applying for jobs online.


  1. Simplify

Suitable for: Entry level to management

Simplify offers tools beyond just auto-filling applications for you, although the Copilot feature does this well. It also offers resume tweaking, keyword identification, and a job application tracker to keep a record of your applications.

As of October 2023, the site and the Google Chrome extension are free.


Their application autofill feature reduces the time to complete applications and complies with existing ATS systems 80% of the time. It can tweak your resume for different positions. The Job Application Tracker helps you automatically save job applications you submit so you can easily manage and visualize your job search.


Like all AI systems, they admit they are collecting data on you. Some of this is used to suggest jobs, but they also use the data you input to help fuel their AI resume-creation bots. At least they are upfront about it.


  1. Sonara AI

Suitable for: Entry-level to mid-career

Sonara AI will not only automate your applications, but it will also find jobs for you as well. You will complete an online questionnaire, then it scans multiple job boards and automatically applies to jobs.


Designed specifically for entry-level to mid-career job seekers in the United States. It will apply to a maximum of 370 jobs a month for you (if you pay enough.)


As of October 2023, Sonara AI is a beta product. The price ramps up very quickly. The number of applications it will submit on your behalf varies depending on how much you pay. Also, it completely automates the applications – meaning you could apply to scam jobs by accident.


  1. Teal

Suitable for: Entry level to management

Similar to, Teal offers a more full-service experience, which includes resume tweaking, a job tracker, company research, and career advice. They scan 40 job boards for active job postings.


There are some cool tools here, and they are targeting a more professional audience. Goal setting helps you meet your job-searching plans. It also integrates with LinkedIn.


While the basic version is free, the rest of the pricing is $9/WEEK or $36/month. Also, they show 1,500+ Resume Examples – like all data collection AIs, when you upload your resume, it will become part of the resume generation for someone else.


  1. LazyApply

Suitable for: Entry level and non-professional roles

LazyApply does exactly that – it applies to jobs. As a Chrome extension, it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, although they recently added a cover letter generator.


It’s pretty much literally what it says: applications. Very much a “spray and pray” tool. The daily limit for job applications on the basic plan is 150 jobs. (Why would you apply to that many jobs in a day?)


There are very few formatting options when you enter your resume information into their online form. As of October 2023, the pricing is a one-time fee, starting at $99. You gain access to more job boards depending on how much you pay. The basic plan only includes Indeed and LinkedIn. Be cautious: the automated applications may consist of scam jobs.


  1. Job Wizard AI

Suitable for: People who don’t mind applying to scam jobs

As of October 2023, Job Wizard Is in beta testing and doesn’t even have 1,000 users yet. Once they reach 1,000 users, the cost will be up to $99/month. Full disclosure: I am not an “early adopter” kind of person, so I rarely jump onto the bandwagon this soon.


Well, if you just want to slam the maximum amount of job applications without a single thought, this is your Chrome extension. It will literally apply to 2,000 JOBS A DAY for you – automatically. It uses the content from your LinkedIn profile, not your resume.


 It says it is designed for the “spray and pray” method of job applications, so it is all about volume and not quality. Remember that might include SCAM JOBS as well. While you can watch in real-time as it fills out applications, you can’t screen the jobs. I can’t even tell where the developers are located. However, the sample phone numbers are international, not US.


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