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Smooth Sailing to a Standout Cover Letter

Apr 30, 2024
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As you navigate the challenging waters of the job application process, think of your cover letter as the vessel that will convey you to the desired destination: your next job. While the journey might be fraught with challenges, we’ve mapped out three tips to ensure your cover letter voyage is both smooth and successful.


  1.  Charting a Personalized Course

 The first step to ensure your journey begins on the right note is personalization. Avoid the doldrums of generic greetings by directly addressing the hiring manager by name. A bit of reconnaissance on the company’s website or a quick scan through LinkedIn can uncover the precious information you need. A personalized greeting is like a friendly signal flag to the hiring team, showing you’re genuinely interested and attentive.


  1.  Navigating with Your Best Assets

 Your cover letter should navigate through your experiences and skills like a seasoned captain steering through familiar waters. Rather than relying on common expressions or overused phrases, chart your path using specific achievements and skills as landmarks. Mention the project where you led your team to success under tight deadlines or how your innovative solution increased efficiency. These highlights are the stars guiding your cover letter towards a memorable impression.


Pro Tip: Just like a map is not about the ship, your cover letter is not about you. It should be focusing on the employer’s needs for the job. While you want to show your best talents and skills, always keep in mind what would be relevant to the employer. Just put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Does your story meet the “so what?” factor? If so, then you can avoid sailing off the edge of the world.


  1.  Showcasing Your Unique Cargo

 As you approach your destination, it’s time to signal what unique contributions you bring aboard. What makes you an invaluable crew member on their voyage? Perhaps you can communicate in multiple languages or your expertise in a specific software that’s rare in your field. Highlight what sets you apart from other candidates, effectively showing the value you’d add to their team.


By following these three tips, your cover letter will be well-equipped to sail through the initial screening and dock impressively at the interview stage. Think of it as ensuring your cover letter is not just seaworthy but capable of catching the favorable winds of opportunity.


Chart Your Course with Confidence: Personal Touch Career Services is Here to Help!

 Embarking on the job application voyage can certainly feel like setting sail into the unknown – it’s normal for the prospect to seem as daunting as braving the open ocean. But do not let the vastness of the task make you tremble in your sea boots, dear navigator! If you’re feeling adrift amidst the waves of writing a standout cover letter, fear not – expert guidance is within reach.


At Personal Touch Career Services, we understand the challenges that come with this part of your journey. That’s why we are offering a lifeline – a free 30-minute consultation that could be your compass in these sometimes stormy seas. Whether you’re plotting a course through new career waters or looking to avoid the whirlpools of job-search frustration, our seasoned crew is ready to help you hoist the sails of success.


Simply navigate to Personal Touch Career Services to book your complimentary consultation. It’s the first step to ensuring your cover letter – and your overall job search strategy – is shipshape and bound for the horizon of opportunity. Don’t let this chance sail away; anchor a spot on our calendar and let us guide you to the career treasures you seek!

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