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Don’t turn your Great Resignation into the Great Regret

best practices job hunting job interview tips job search advice job search tips Mar 30, 2022

You probably have heard of the Great Resignation. But have you heard of the Great Regret?


According to a recent poll done by Harris for USA Today (March 2022), one in five workers who quit during the last two years actually regrets changing jobs. Considering that since June 2021, more than 4 million U.S. workers have left their jobs every month, millions of people wish that they didn’t make a move at all. (Source: USA Today,


Even worse, only 26% of job switchers mentioned that they like their job enough to stay. That’s 74% of workers who are already looking to move.


So, what is going on? We know it is not the money, as most job changers gained significantly higher salaries.


Instead, it is all the other things that make people happy or miserable in their work. From poor company cultures to unfulfilling work, people find that the new job is worse than the one they left.

How can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?


As a career coach, I love to teach people to recognize the signs of a bad company culture, unfavorable working conditions, or even unsatisfying work. For example, pay attention to how they treat you during the application process. Companies that treat candidates poorly tend to treat their employees the same way.


To make sure you find a company that is a good match for you, take some time to compile a list of what really matters to you. Is it more money, better job responsibilities, tasty benefits packages, or opportunities for advancement? The clearer you are about your goals and desired working conditions, the more likely you are to find that ideal job – and avoid the Great Regret.


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