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The Holiday Job Search: An Opportunity to Land Your Dream Job

job hunting job search job search advice Nov 26, 2023
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As of November 27, 2023, let’s look at the calendar:


πŸ¦ƒ Thanksgiving just passed.

πŸŽ„ Christmas is less than a month away.

🍾 The New Year is beckoning in 35 few short days.


Do these numbers appear to be shrinking rapidly? Are you left wondering where this year has disappeared? Perhaps you’re starting to feel a hint of apprehension because your 2023 New Year’s resolutions remain unfulfilled. Losing those stubborn 15 pounds may seem increasingly challenging, particularly with the allure of holiday treats. And as for that dream job with a higher salary, it might appear that you’ll have to put it on hold, given the common belief that no one hires during the holiday season.


But hold on, I have some fantastic news for you, and it’s not related to shedding those extra pounds. It’s about landing that dream job, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that the job market during the holidays is not as bleak as it may seem.


Don’t Rest on Your Laurels

While many assume that the holiday season is the worst time for a job search, it’s quite the opposite. Why, you ask? Because even though hiring may slow down a bit during the holidays, it never truly comes to a halt.


Check out these facts:

  • Companies actively post new job openings as they gear up for the upcoming year.
  • Managers often have year-end budgets to utilize, which can lead to unexpected job opportunities.
  • Due to budget constraints, some companies need to wrap up their hiring by year-end.
  • Many employers want to add staff that can hit the ground running in January.
  • Don’t forget temporary assignments: If you make a positive impression, it could lead to a permanent position. Not to mention, the extra income can be convenient during the gift-giving season.


Furthermore, there’s a silver lining in the fact that many job seekers take a break during the holidays, reducing the overall competition. In fact, the competition can be slashed by up to 50%. Since there’s a common misconception that job searching during the year-end is unproductive, you have a better chance of standing out when companies have fewer resumes to sift through.


Networking Season

The holiday season is an ideal time for networking, as people are generally in a giving and helpful spirit. Don’t hesitate to take risks and approach potential contacts. Sharing your business cards at networking events and crafting an effective elevator pitch can work wonders, as you never know when a chance encounter might lead to an introduction to a recruiter or hiring manager.


Keep Your “Chestnuts” Warm

If you’ve already started your job search, maintaining momentum is crucial. Even if you slow down slightly, taking small steps to stay on track is essential. Completely halting your job search can make it more challenging to regain motivation in January. Additionally, securing a new job before the start of the year can provide you with a sense of peace and stability.



Don’t Be Naughty

So, consider prioritizing your job search, even though it may not be at the top of your holiday to-do list. Let the dates on your calendar remind you of the job market’s opportunities. By doing so, you’ll enter the new year with a sense of organization, a strong personal brand, and a well-prepared resume, positioning you for your next career move.


Planning for January

Not surprisingly, the first quarter of any year is the most intense hiring season. Did you know that January is the busiest time for resume-writing services? If you want to be ready to hit the ground running with a fresh resume and LinkedIn profile, completing them in December is a smart plan.

 Wishing you a successful job search during these festive holidays!


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- Contributed by Tessa Barlow, Staff Writer

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