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'Tis the Season for Networking

job hunting job search job search advice Dec 12, 2023
business people networking for their job search

Contributed by Tessa Barlow, Staff Writer.

As the holiday season wraps us in its warm embrace, it's not just the time for festive decorations and cozy gatherings; it's also the perfect season to unwrap new opportunities for your career. The secret sauce to turbocharge your job search lies in the art of networking. Now, more than ever is the opportune moment to leverage the spirit of the holidays to enhance your professional and personal connections.


Why Networking Matters

 In the professional world, it's often said, "It's not just what you know; it's who you know." Networking is the golden key that unlocks doors to new possibilities, job opportunities, and invaluable insights. During the holiday season, people are more open to connecting and sharing experiences. This festive time offers a unique chance to foster relationships, whether through holiday parties or simply reaching out to your professional network with a warm seasonal greeting.


Networking Tips for the Holiday Season

  1.  Attend Virtual Networking Events:

Many organizations host events during the holidays. Whether it's a holiday party or a professional networking event, take advantage of these opportunities to expand your network and reconnect with business buddies and friends.


  1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile:

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date with your latest accomplishments and experiences. Remember to share your changes with your network. That way, you will stay visible and top-of-mind to your connections.


  1. Send Personalized Holiday Greetings:

Take a moment to send personalized holiday greetings to your professional contacts. Express genuine interest in their well-being and share a brief update on your career journey. Want to really stand out from the crowd? Don't just rely on email or LinkedIn messages – send a physical card in the mail!


  1. Join Professional Groups:

Participate in online professional groups related to your industry. LinkedIn and Facebook groups are a great way to engage in discussions, ask questions, and showcase your expertise. Plus, your content will be evergreen within the group, as opposed to a post in your newsfeed that may fade from people's awareness in a few days.


  1. Volunteer or Give Back:

The holiday season is also a time for giving. Consider volunteering for a cause or charity related to your industry. It's an excellent way to make a positive impact while expanding your network. Big tip: Many professional associations choose to sponsor a charity each year. Reach out to your most relevant organizations and discover who they support and if they have any planned volunteer events. That way, you can connect with professionals in your field while simultaneously earning good karma points.


'Tis the Season for Connection: Book Your Consultation Call Today!

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Wishing you a joyful holiday season filled with meaningful connections and exciting career prospects!

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