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Three keys to professional networking

best practices job hunting job search advice networking Mar 11, 2022

 Even in the age of COVID-19, you can make real connections with other people to enhance your job search. Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever to expand your network. Good news! You don’t have to shove business cards at people during a massive after-hours event where nobody cares. Instead, follow these three strategies.


  1. Be genuine and authentic

Whether you are networking in person or online, be your genuine self. People want to make authentic connections, and that is not possible if you are playing a character.


  1. Leverage your inner and outer networks

Your inner networks are people you already know. The outer networks are people you don’t know yet. Start by reaching out to your inner networks. Even family members and close friends are great for practice. Then, continue to expand that outreach to past co-workers, past bosses, and even your former clients.


Now that you have successfully expanded your inner network, start reaching out to the people you don’t know yet. You will find it much easier to make that move once you get over the awkwardness by practicing with your friends and colleagues.


  1. Master your virtual networking

One of the best long-lasting benefits of the past two years is the rise of virtual platforms. I especially like Here, you can find groups with similar interests and expand your reach not just professionally but also personally. For example, I started the Brown Bag Job Search Group in 2009, and thanks to our virtual meetings, we connect people across the country.

 Of course, LinkedIn is a fabulous place for virtual networking. Be sure to check out the Groups here – they are the best-kept secret on the site! It gives you a great space to connect with professionals with similar interests, backgrounds, and experience levels to build a solid foundation for your networking efforts.


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