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Introducing our new Director of Finance, Felix D. Katz

ptcs news May 16, 2022
Felix D Katz, Director of Finance

On April 26, 2022, our dedicated team grew by one more. Please welcome our new Director of Finance, Felix D. Katz.


 After graduating from FU (Feline University), Mr. Katz began his career as an intern at Enron, where he learned Creative Corporate Finance and CAAT (Commonly Accepted Accounting Theories). Before leaving the company, Felix spearheaded the shredding program.


In addition to overseeing the Finance Department at PTCS, Mr. Katz leads our DEI initiatives, especially in inclusion for disabled persons. As someone with only 2.5 legs himself, he clarifies how we can easily add reasonable accommodations to enhance our entire workforce. Many find Felix as a source of inspiration, as he lets nothing stand in the way of his success while he claws his way up the corporate ladder.


As a young up-and-coming executive, Felix relies heavily on his mentor, Georgie Shannon, to learn the ropes (and attack them too.)


 While we weren't necessarily looking for a new team member, Mr. Katz impressed us with his accounting talents during an informal interview.


 "You see, Mr. Shannon possesses three legs, making him 3/4th of a cat," reasoned Mr. Katz. "As I only have two-and-a-half legs, that is the equivalent of 5/8th cat. When you add these with the common denominator – Georgie is 6/8th, plus my 5/8th, this equals 11/8th total cat. This is the equivalent of 1 3/8th cat or 1.375 cats. So, technically, when you round down, you would still only have one cat on the payroll."


 We just couldn't argue with such advanced accounting skills.


 On the serious side, Felix is a 6-month-old cat who underwent a double amputation when he was just four months old. Taking both legs on the right side may sound extreme, but it was required to save his life from a gangrene infection. Thanks to Barton's Paw Rescue in New Mexico, foster mom Kellie Willits helped Felix recover from the initial surgery. From there, Animal Rescue of the Rockies brought Felix to our very own cat foster mom (and superhero) Beth Sager. She nursed him to health, changed bandages, and watched his progress while he regained a normal life.


 Today, Felix runs, jumps, climbs, plays, and sleeps just like any other cat. He truly is an inspiration and a lesson to us all that anything is possible with determination and help from a compassionate team.


 If you want to donate to the rescues – or you want a new staff member for your team – please check out their Facebook pages:

Barton's Paw Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue of the Rockies

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