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Meet Jasmine Giffen: Donna's Elusive Assistant

about us Apr 25, 2024
Jasmine Giffen

Chances are, you may never see our Administrative Assistant and Marketing Coordinator, Jasmine Giffen (they/them.) Well, other than a name in an email. However, they are a critical, behind-the-scenes piece in keeping our operations running.

What they do:

Jasmine takes care of the things we don’t want to do, such as filing, accounting, data entry, and figuring out how to pull reports from the CRM, as Donna can’t be bothered to learn how to do it.

Jasmine also manages our weekly newsletters and schedules our free monthly meetings for job seekers, the Brown Bag Job Search Group. Not sure what that is? Join our Meetup Group and find out:

Finally, Jasmine provides a helping hand with producing our podcast, “Tattooed Freaks in Business Suits.”


We aren’t their first love:

While we appreciate everything that Jasmine does for us, we know that the Personal Touch Career Services is their side piece.

In fact, Jasmine is a professional body piercer with nearly 15 years of experience. Deeply committed to the art of body modification, Jasmine is well known throughout the Denver area as one of the top piercers in the region. Yep, they will pierce just about anything on your body – if you ask nicely and give them money. You can catch them in Colorado at Bespoke Piercing in Aurora and Parker, and Ivy Noir Piercing in Parker.

You can get in touch with them and see their work on Instagram @sadopacivist


5 Fun facts:

  1. Jasmine’s son (and Donna’s grandson) Maddox is a rising hockey star! At 12 years old, he has already played on international hockey teams, representing the USA in tournaments in Italy and France. His team, the Boulder Rough Riders, won the Colorado State Championship in 2024 and was ranked as the top 12UAA team in North America (yes, they beat Canadians.)
  2. Don’t even try to beat Jasmine on Tolkien facts and Middle Earth lore – they have been studying these books since junior high. And yes, that includes the Silmarillion. Precioussss booksesss…
  3. Cool rocks and dead things? Yes, please! Jasmine has an impressive collection of minerals, crystals, taxidermy, and wet specimens. It’s a goth thing.
  4. Jasmine is an artist who works in a variety of different mediums. In addition to body art, they create unique works of embroidery and photography. Their embroidery work lately has taken a turn to more realistic designs, but the kitschy feel of traditional tattoo designs will always have a special place in their heart. If you’d like to see some of their pieces, they do post them on their Instagram.
  5. Jasmine’s favorite piercings to do are conch piercings. They often say that they wish they had more ears so they could get more conch piercings themself! What they like most about them is their versatility. Conch piercings can support such wide varieties of jewelry, including big and small studs, hoops, and more! Plus, a conch piercing can help tie an ear styling together flawlessly.

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