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"Treat your job search like a job" - What does that REALLY mean?

best practices business practices job hunting job search advice job search tips networking Jun 13, 2022

I am sure you heard that phrase before – but what does it actually mean?

 If you are like most people, you might assume that it means time – you need to devote up to 40 hours a week to looking for a new job. After all, you need to treat it like a job!



Treating your search like a job means that you need to work smarter, not harder or longer.

Here’s my number one tip:

Track. Your. Activity.

In business, we talk about how critical it is to know our numbers, especially when it comes to sales.

Your job search is no different.

So, what should you be tracking, you ask?

Here are five key metrics you should know:

  1. Your applications, including the date submitted and the response.
  2. Reminders on when to follow up on applications.
  3. Your resume ROI, or how many of your applications converted into initial interviews. Your target is 2-4 per every 10 applications, by the way.
  4. Your networking contacts, including when you contacted them and regular, scheduled follow up.
  5. Research on target companies.


NOTE: If you don't actually write anything down to track your activity, it didn't really happen!

Notice that a lot of these numbers involve following up. That is the real secret: if you don’t follow up, all your effort goes to waste.

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